Monday, October 10, 2011

Jesus Knows Me This I Love canvas work

So excited to get to share this with all of you.  A few months ago, my mom found this play-on-words-phrase and asked me if I would make her a sign with it.  I conveniently forgot and decided I would make it for her birthday or for Christmas.  Turns out I found the mojo to make it for her birthday.  Armed with cheap canvas and a box of old paint, some mod podge, and my Cricut, I set to work.

I used Cricut Craft Room to weld the words "knows" and "love" and to create the general shape and feel of the canvas layout.  I started with a blank canvas not knowing why some canvases cost more than others (so I bought the cheap stuff... worked fine), I learned though that the lesser quality canvases "drink in" the paint more and it took several coats to get even adequate coverage.  The first layer was done with a tan color, then I took a lighter cream color and kind of swirled it around the corners to give some variation and deph to the color.  Once it was dry, I took my cuts crom my cricut that I made on vinyl and layed it out on my canvas.  I made sure it was stuck down very well and then painted over the vinyl with the tan again to create a "seal" of paint around the letters.  Then I had at it with the blue.  Painted the whole thing then let it dry.  Then I peeled off the vinyl, exposing the tan letters.  I still felt that the overall look was a little bland and needed more depth, so I took some Walnut Ink, sprayed it onto a paper towel (not recommended, I'm certain I wasted a lot of ink...  felt next time maybe?) and brushed the brown ink across the whole canvas, giving it a varied-aged-coffee-stained effect.  ThenI gave it a generous coating of Glossy Mod Podge.  While that was drying I decided to make some flowers to give the work some dimension.  I LOVE the Flower Shoppe cartridge - there are so many options with it!  This is the "fun" flower cut at 4" and at 1 and 3/4"  Each flower piece was wet, crumpled, inked, heat dried then pieced together.   Lastly, the flowers were hot glued to the canvas.

As always, thank you for looking.  Have a great day!

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  1. Beautiful work of love for your mother. I'm sure she'll treasure it forever. Nice job. TFS all your great tips!