Saturday, November 5, 2011

Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop!


Wow!  A blog hop to make you clean your room!  Now THIS was something I needed to get involved in!!!  What a fun idea!  I first want to thank Susan P for presenting this idea as I'm sure we'll all get a lot of great ideas today as we hop from room to room!

I feel that I should say though, that my room is fairly misrepresented here...  it NEVER looks this clean.  I am a MESSY scrapper.  I throw stuff on the floor, I toss things around as I go, and when its that way, I can find EVERYTHING!  When it's this way?  I'll LOSE everything ; )

Here are some pictures of my room, beneith some of the pictures, you will find either small bits of information about what you see, or organizational tips I thought might be helpful to share.  Thank you, as always, for taking the time to see me today - I am excited about the new friends I might make from today's hops and the new ideas I might get from all of this sharing!!

I keep a box on my desk for extra pieces I've made.  I always make Create a Critters in sets of 4 - it takes little effort more to make 3 more than it does to make 1, and the next time I need one, its already ready!

My Sewing corner.

I sketch out layouts I like, then post them on this wall.  When I'm making large albums, I use these to help me get the process going faster.

Wire paper organizer to the left, lots of pics on the wall : ) plastic peg board kit I got from Wal Mart - I love to hang my scissors, new stickers, adhesives, etc on this wall. 

This is under my main work desk - I keep a box to throw scrap paper, and see that nasty thing in the back?  Its a box that JoAnns used to ship some 12 x 24 paper to me, I use it to protect my work surface when I'm using spray inks, heat embossing, or just being extra messy : )

This is a remainted and re-purposed spice rack.

I keep my supplies in boxes by type, and label them with things like paint stuff, glitter stuff, sticky stuff, pens, rub ons, mats, tags, stamp stuff, Cricut Stuff, etc.

Thanks for coming by today!  Next on this hop is Raven's Room!  Enjoy!

Blog Hop Line Up:
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  1. Great room!! Thank you for sharing your room! :)

  2. Love the peg board kit and all of those little red bins to hold all kinds of small goodies!
    Great idea for cutting extra Cricut pieces. I save extras I don't use but didn't think of making extras to have on hand!
    Thanks for sharing your room!
    Diana B.

  3. Love the reuse of the sprice rack. Most of my stuff is recycled or handmade. Love your space TFS


  4. I love the orange! Fabulous room!

  5. just popped in. love seeing what others have in their rooms. wish i'd known about this hop. i'd have added my room too. love it.

  6. I too am messy when I'm making something! But I have to clean up before I start something new. Love the bright color of your room!

  7. Heather...
    Your room is great. I love the colors. I'm so thankful to have you as my new friend. Thank you for being in my first hop.

  8. Girl, you are my kind of crafter! I'm messy too! But your space looks great! Love the orange, OMGoodness! I also love how you have a little sewing corner...I wish I had room in "My Happy Place" (scrap room)for a sewing corner! I love to sew on paper! I am now a follower!:) I want to come play in your room!:) TFS

    ~Vanessa Wachlin

  9. I love the orange. I like how you plan out your layout and have it posted so you can refer back when your ready to make one.

  10. Pretty room!!! I am glad it's cleaned. They do get messy but I just can't leave mine that way. I love the color on your walls. It's a very happy place you have.

  11. I'm still laughing at your opening few lines. It was a GREAT excuse to clean up, I'll have to be part of the next one so I can do the same! You are as O.C.D. as I am so I enjoyed your pics. The different areas & colors are well laid out which makes for a happy scrapper. follower
    Creative Wishes,

  12. Great room, I like the way you have your sketches posted so you can see them and they are within easy reach. I also like the peg board!

    plese.cathy@yahoo dot com

  13. Like your room lots of storage area and all with in reach. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love yor craftroom,I am a follower.joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  15. I love your space! I'm a messy crafter who is constantly misplacing things, too! I've picked up several organizational tips from the hop so far! Thanks so much!

  16. Great space. The spice rack is the best idea yet!

  17. Great room. I really love the boxes with the lids. TFS!


  18. You have a super room,loved the shelves, and you sewing corner is so cool.Thanks for sharing.New follower since today :)

  19. I love your room!! Is so well organized!! I love all the tiny bins with the dividers!! I love your walls!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  20. Ohh I like that idea of using that spice rack
    Great room
    I am a follower

  21. Love all your organization!


    hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

  22. Very well organized room, looking at all these is making me so jealous, tfs Kim (

  23. love the orange! great table space :)

  24. Great space!! I am still working on getting a craft room so stay tuned....Ps Im your newest follower:)