Sunday, November 13, 2011

Card Creating Sunday!

Hi!  Two posts in a row!  I'm out of control!

Today's post is part of Erica's My Cricut Craft Room's Card Creating Sunday.  Please make sure to check out her blog today to see the other fantastic creations my Design Team sisters have created to share with you!

So....  I'm not a big card maker.  I'll MAKE them, but I'm more of a scrapbooker.  But with all of the incredible toys I have at my disposal, buying cards at the store seems like a silly thing to do.  Not to mention, my family sees me make projects and things for others all of the time.  I want them to know that they are worthy of my time and effort on a hand made project too.

My Husband?  He's a MAJOR card guy.  He'll spend hours picking out just the right card, that says just the right thing - they matter a lot to him - what the cards say, whether its funny or serious each card has a point that comes from his heart.  Not just cards for me either - he's like that for anyone he buys a card for.... they LOVE him at the Halmark store : )

So for our 5th anniversary, I wanted to make him something that was meaningful, something he would appreciate.  I used Sophisticated to cut a 5 in black and a white shadow at around 4.5".  Then I used a punch to make the black arrow which points down and placed ot on a damask paper (Recollections) with a blue band (these were the colors used in our wedding).  So, the front of the card reads, "Five Down".  Inside I wrote, "and forever to go."  I listed at the top of the card my five favorite things about being married to him - some funny some serious, all true : ) 

This card idea could be incorporated for any anniversary year and could be done with or without the list.  I thank you for taking the time to read my story today and check out my card - you make my day when you stop by!!

Have a great day today!


  1. I think that's wonderful -my hubby same i told him to make me a card - that was a big NO.. lol love your card!! doris

  2. You say you don't really make cards, well I have to say you hit a grand slam with this one. All I could say was "Awww so sweet, he's going to love this.". TFS

  3. Great card, I may have to scrap lift this for a Birthday or Anniversary myself.

  4. Love it...I am sure your husband is going to love this as well.

  5. your husband will love this that you have taken the time and your talent to make a special card
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  6. So elegant yet funny at the same time! Love it! TFS:-)

    ~Tammy S

  7. So pretty!!!
    ♥ Laura ♥

  8. very sweet, love the sentiment

  9. Very nice card and thanks for sharing your story!