Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrappy Girl

My favorite thing to do is create scrapbooks.  I love to make complete, themed albums and I really feel honored when I am asked to make one for someone else, or when someone I love is really touched by a personalized gift.  This album was made for my neice Ashley, who was just born on April 4 and it was my first attempt at using my Your Story binding machine, which I got for a SONG at .  I LOVE that place for their awesome prices on cartridges and supplies.  ***Ahem....  hear that cricut machine?  lol***  The  front cover was decorated using a stencil and some pink chalk.  I took Ashlyn's Alphabet and used it to cut a cereal box (cheap chipboard!!!) and then out of paper.  Cereal boxes do not need a deep cut housing blade and cut very nicely if you use a slow speed and the highest pressure setting.  I decided to adhere yellow cardstock to the back of the front cover, so that a picture could be interted into the front (that's the black line you see when the book is opened.  I had two goals when creating this book: to make ALL of the embellishments (or as many as possible) on the Cricut and to use only supplies I had on hand.  NO new purchasing, lol.  I really need to clean my scraproom out!!!  As I built the book, I realized it was becoming quite thick!  So I attached ribbon inside of the covers to tie it all together.  My sister in law loved the book, and I'm looking forward to gifting more!  Thanks for looking!

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