Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hmm... Is that a word?  Well, it needs to be today : )  On Saturday I got up at a terribly early time in the morning to go treking along house to house to see if someone else's trash could become my treasure.  I went out armed with $40 in cash (that I had NO intentions of spending) and my best girl-friend of 20+   years.  I actually hoped to find a binding machine, but no such luck : )

I SCORED BIG!!!  I spent less than $20 and came home with a brand name shirt for my daugher, a sun dress for me, a chair, a potty seat (brand new), and a bag of brand new swim diapers (which AREN'T CHEAP!) for my son, two new lamps for my basement, a bag, a timer (which I was looking for), and THIS lovely find : ) 

I spent $0.33 on it.  It was a dusty old oak stained spice rack.  Repainted and re-purposed it has found new life in my craft room!  It's perfect for holding my growing collection of glitter glues and alcohol inks.  I like that it puts them right in front of me so that I remember what I have and to use them : )  I love the effects of both.

I spent most of last week making a complete album which I will be posting soon.  I would blow up your server with all of the pictures I took of it, he he he.  So proud of it though - can't wait to share it with you : )  I have several more projects in the works that will be posted here as they are completed.  I'm on the clock for both of them, so wish me luck!  Have a great night!

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