Sunday, June 5, 2011

Styrofoam Wall Art

Another project I had in my head for quite a while.  Back in September of '10, we experienced a major flood in our finished basement.  The light at the end of that tunnel was that we got to completely remodel our basement.  One of my desired projects was to tear out a MASSIVE built in entertainment center (large enough to house three 30"+ sized tv's) and rearrange the set up.  I decided to paint one wall an awesome bold teal color and a soft gray/cream for all of the other walls.  This project was designed to set off the bold wall and jazz up the softer walls a bit (where the mostrosity used to be).

First, I purchased three 12x36 styrofoam blocks that were about 1 inch thick and then cut each one in thirds.  Then I layed them out on my floor while I played around with DCWV paper combinations.  I'm a  HUGE Stack fan, so almost all of my projets come from their lines.  I used Ashlyn's Alphabet for the S, and Accent Essentials for the corners.  Once I cut a circle design, I sliced it into quarters to put in the corners.  I used regular glue (elmers?).  I cut coordinating paper strips and hot glued them alonng the sides.  Fishing wire was hot glued to the back to use for hanging.

In hind sight I think using wood or canvas would have worked out better.  The styrofoam was messy to work with and cut, and I think that sealing it would have resulted in a longer lasting product.  Hot glueing the fishing line to the back was difficult as well.  And as basements are humid, over time the paper has started to buckle here and there.  Thanks for looking!

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