Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teen Memo Board

Eesh. I wanted to get into my craft room in the worst way today. I was on a roll the other day and completed almost 8 pages in about 2.5 hours!!! I wanted to get back to that project - which is a special one I am making to record the events from my mother in law's 75th birthday party : ) I'll post the pictures as soon as the book is completed. Alas, I have ZERO energy today. In the mean time, I wanted to continue to share the projects I have already completed.

Today's project is a Teen Memo Board. Of course, it doesn't HAVE to be for a teen. You can make one in any color scheme and it would work great in a kitchen or home office as well!

Supplies used:
Clock parts
a variety of coordinating paper
2 foam core boards
fishing line
glue gun

First, decide how big you want your project to be. I intended for mine to be a little abstract to go with my daughter's teal and zebra decor. Cut your foam core board to accommodate the block sizes you want to have using a pencil, a ruler, and an exacto knife. It's important to make sure your cuts are straight. While ugly edges can be covered with ribbon if you choose, an angled cut will show in the finished product. Arrange your papers loosely before gluing them down/cutting them out. Decide which pieces you want to have overlap, etc. The large center can be covered with elastic string or ribbons to hold pictures, but plain is fine too, and it will accommodate push pins. Once you have cut your paper to match the foam core board, begin piecing it together.

I added a few extra "flares" for fun. First, we bought a clock piece (found at any craft store) and attached it to a circular piece of the decorated foam core board. The foam made it easy for us to push painted toothpicks with clock numbers attached (cut on the Cricut).

To the right we made the taller piece a pocket. To outline the edge, I used a piece of team fiber.

At the bottom, she decided to put her initial on it and we covered it in teal glitter. So fun!

Once completed, I hot glued fishing line to the back to hang the whole thing on the wall. She loves it and is always adding new things to it all of the time : )

Thanks for looking!

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