Monday, June 27, 2011

Archive Discovered!

Ok, well its not like I unearthed a valuable stone or anything, but these pages are plenty valuable to me.  Of course they are in my scrapbooks, but a long time ago I used to belong to a kit of the month club called ScrapGoods.  They have been out of business for a few years, but I really feel that my participation with them stretched my creativity and exposed me to techniques I never would have even KNOWN to try : )  Below are pictures I found on a CD tonight while looking for something.

ABC Quilt making with my mom at a volunteer event at work.

I think the technique this month was using paint and chipboard.  I like how the rik-rak looked like water to me.

 Ahh... My little princess and her first dance recital.  So fun!

This was my first hand made book.  Fabric covered chipboard with post binding.

I was BIG into these long hidden tags... I had a template for them and used them all of the time for pages I sold on Ebay.  Hmmm...  might be time for a comeback.  LOL

 Pre School grad!

My BBF's : )  There is a tag under the picture with journaling.

  Another Dance Recital page...  I loved how the pictures turned out all vintage-y looking.

My first use of a metal embelishment and more painted chipboard.

A page made for a friend.

Well if you've made it this far... GOD BLESS YOU!  Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep : )  Have a good night!

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